Covid 19 & Planning process - Feb 2021

Covid 19 and Planning Services

The Planning Office and the planning process remain open and in operation during the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions. During certain restriction periods we will operate an appointment only service for our normal public opening hours.

During Covid-19 restriction periods, we endeavour to assist  all our customers without the need to visit the Planning Office in person.  In situations where Customer queries cannot be completed by phone, post or email/online assistance, the Planning Office operates a pre arranged appointment service for any customer who may need to visit the planning office in person.  All appointments must be pre arranged, to make an appointment you should telephone 071-9650450 or email and an appointment can be arranged  as soon as practicable.

The following document and circular provides information on Frequently Asked Questions in relation to the operation of the planning process during the Covid 19- Level 5 restictions.

FAQ's Effect of National Level 5 Covid-19 Restrictions on Planning System.pdf (size 606.2 KB)

Circular PL 09-2020 Operation of Planning System during Covid-19 Level 5 Restrictions.pdf (size 376.7 KB)

Where you have additional queries please contact Planning Section on 071-9650450 or email


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